1. Contents
  2. Introduction to Recursion
  3. Solving Problems with Recursion
  4. Direct and Indirect Recursion
  5. Summing a Range of Array Elements
  6. Palindromes
  7. The Fibonacci Series
  8. Greatest Common Divisor
  9. Recursive Binary Search
  10. The Towers of Hanoi
  11. Binary Fractal Tree

Introduction to Recursion

Solving Problems with Recursion

Direct and Indirect Recursion

Summing a Range of Array Elements


The Fibonacci Series

Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)

Recursive Binary Search

The Towers of Hanoi

Binary Fractal Tree

Recursion can help in displaying complex patterns where the pattern appears inside itself as a smaller version. Such patterns, called fractals, are in fact a visual manifestation of the concept of recursion.1