CSCI 2912

  1. Contents
  2. General Information
  3. Description and Goals
  4. Organization and Grading
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General Information

Instructor:Jade Cheng  成玉
Course:Computer Science II, CSCI 2912
Course Schedule
Section A:Wednesday, 5:15 pm - 8:10 pm
The Frear Center (FC) 102A
Section B:Friday, 8:45 am - 11:40 am
The Frear Center (FC) 110
Text:Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures to Objects
Tony Gaddis, 4th Edition

Description and Goals

CSCI 2912 is an intermediate problem-solving and programming course using the Java programming language.

Topics covered in CSCI 2912 include:

Programming assignments help reinforce object-oriented programming techniques discussed in class.

This course builds on CSCI 2911 and provides foundation material for CSCI 2913. The prerequisite for CSCI 2912 is CSCI 2911 and MATH 1130 or higher.

Organization and Grading (Tentative)

We will assign grades based on each student’s performance on:

Class Participation10%
Extra Credit≤6%

We will assign grade letters based on the following table:



We will assign programming assignments every other week except exam weeks. Overall, each assignment contributes approximately 8% to a student’s final grade.

Submission Policy

Students should submit assignments via email to The instructor will not review, correct, or grade code before the submission date.

The due date for assignments will be Sunday by 11:59 pm HST. Late assignments will receive no credit.

Students must adhere to the following rules when submitting assignments. Failure to do so will affect their grades.

  1. File Name

    All source code should be submitted in one file, and that file should be named according to the following pattern:, where Last is the student’s last name, First is the student’s first name, and X is the assignment number.

    For example, student John Doe would submit for programming assignment 3.

  2. File Header

    The first lines of the submitted file should include a comment with the following information and format: